Care post-op (M to F)

Dilations, to in no case to give up them and practise as you learned at the hospital!

Any medication containing a greasy substance is not prohibited (except petroleum jelly, containing hydrocarbon) on the other hand what is containing water is completely during the 2 months following the operation (on the level vagina) no problem on the vulva, diluted to 10% - 20% of Bétadine! For your water mixtures/bétadine to see low!

Each case is different, each person reacts differently!

Problems Post-operative

The female concern:

There is little chance to make an infection considering the antibiotic amount which you have ingurgity after the operation, on the other hand it is possible to make an ignition or a mycosis in these two cases warn your surgeon or the person in connection, while waiting it is possible to treat them, in the case of a mycosis changes soap, example SUPRIMEZ the liquid soaps with pH 5 and passes to Hydralin alleviated (in pharmacy) not to take antibiotics especially more, to utilize a nurse for care external and daily, she will practise a cleaning with physiological salt solution and green compress deads soaked with bétadine (vaginal Bétadine) Serum physio/Bétadine green!

If you will see your attending practitionar, he will want to prescribe you of Pévaryl éconazole, not the sorrow that he does it bus on the scars that is not appropriate (horrible pains) ask your doctor of Fucidine for 2% (does it of it is petroleum jelly) sodium 2%, so much worse for petroleum jelly, the ideal is more not to suffer and then it is a treatment runs!

If your skin which at summer weakened by a mycosis and which it cracks to take of Colpotrophine with 1% in cream (under ordinance)

The women have vaginal discharge, even days ago when they are more abundant…

At a woman her vagina led to her uterus and the protége of all the infections which can come from outside. Its mucous membrane is thus soft and wet.
Glands secrete, for that, a glaire, normally white and odourless, of variable abundance. It drains, towards outside, the dead cells and the foreign elements which could enter its vagina.

With the approach of ovulation, the glaire secreted by glands of the cervix becomes more abundant. That facilitates the rise of the spermatozoa towards the uterus. This glaire by its abundance can be awkward, but it never gives burns, itchings or bad smells.
This lubrication is necessary to the sexual relations without heating for its vagina and the penis.

Arrived at the age of the ménopose, this glaire is not secreted any more by the reduction in the production of the hormones,

we women with a néo-vagina are in the same situation and this cream

Colpotrophine with 1% replaces this glaire and protect us from the possible infections, this

cream exists also in ovule vaginal (to advise) both are compatible unit

Any knowledge on the vaginal mycosis


Urinary infection


Vaginal shower: to buy Bétadine necessary for vaginal injections (manufacturing VIATRIS) 1 flexible plastic bottle with a nozzle. Especially from 50 to 80% of water and 20 to 50% of bétadine (see note) and to listen to the councils of your surgeon! Namely certain people can be more or less allergic to the bétadine with the top of a mixture with 10/20% on the vulva!

Good care and especially good re-establishment!


Us here 2 months after the intervention!

You can attack the vaginal showers (Water/Bétadine) but all carefully because the Flora will not have to be destroyed!

It is possible to make rectal injections using water (tepid and clear) of the tap each day! To forget only the soaps

tend to destroy the flora, even if our vagina of rebuilding does not have a mucous membrane, our vulva has some,

the urethra and all that makes party of the urinary system ...... The bladder, the kidneys have relations with many of other bodies which are them also mucous membranes!

Urinary tract: Together bodies which manufacture the urine, made up mainly of the kidneys, the uretère, of the bladder and the urethra.
Left suprarenal: Cap covering the higher part of the left kidney.
Vena cava lower: Vein bringing back the blood not oxygenated of the members and lower bodies in the middle.
Coeliaque trunk: Ramification of the aorta irrigating the abdominal internal organs.
Left kidney: Body of blood purification left.
Left renal vein: Vein connecting the left kidney to the vena cava lower.
Abdominal aorta: Part of the aorta irrigating the bodies of the abdomen.
Vena cava lower: Vein bringing back the blood not oxygenated of the members and lower bodies in the middle.
Urethra: Small tube by which the human being evacuates liquid waste.
Bladder: Pocket in which the urine accumulates.
Vein and iliaque artery: Blood vessels located in the area of the side.
Uretère: Tube transporting the urine of the kidney to the bladder.
Small basin: Part of the kidney located at the junction of the chalices and continuing itself by the uretère.
Pyramid of malpighi: Clusters of the kidney.
Chalice: Cavity excrétrice located in the small basin of the kidney.
Medullary substance: Matter forming the central part of the kidney.
Cortical substance: Matter relating to the cortex of the gland suprarenal.
Cut right kidney: Chart of the interior of the purifying body right of blood.
Cut right suprarenal: Chart of the interior of the right suprarenal.



The operation is practised under péridurale the alarm clock is peaceful, it lasts surroundings 5 hours!

The surgery consists of a orchidectomy (abblation of the testicles) a penectomy (withdrawal of the spongy body) rebuilding of the urethral opening, labiaplastie (construction of small and large lips) contruction of a cavity clitoridienne and a sensitive clitoris, contruction of the vaginal opening with the skin of the penis and construction of the néo vagina by Clerc's Office of skin!

Three hours after the operation

Result five weeks after the operation.

Known as you although what you see as points of joinings is only one negligible part of reality!

During many weeks you will feel more or less acute pains post operational, tinglings, strange feelings, stretchings especially on the level of the buttocks under the large lips not of concern it is normal and logical it is the cicatrization, you will also feel neuralgias (nervous pains) this is logical the nervous terminations are connected gently but sûremment!

The cicatrization will continue but attention with your vagina, which also, only seeks to him to heal and be closed again, therefore dilation, dilation, dilatation!

The biological woman thus has a vagina of an average of 5 inches (1 pouce= 2,5cm) 12,5 cm, in Thailand the depth which your surgeon will make you will be 5/6 inches, if you stop dilations in the 3 months after the operation, if they are not only 2 weeks you will be likely great to lose 1 to see 2 inches of depth a quite less flexibility what will entrainera a vaginism!

4 months after the operation

5 months after the operation